Jim Filmer


Sometimes known as the “gypsy” or travelling photographer, Jim travels extensively to remote points of Australia and overseas. Currently based in the tiny Queensland country town of Esk, population – not a lot, Jim runs a small studio and at the opposite end of the country, a photographers’ retreat located just below the snow-line in the beautiful Victorian high country.

Whilst Jim’s original training was in the world of small studios, darkrooms, cellulose acetate film and trays of chemicals, which he continues with utilising antique clockwork and mechanical cameras, he is also just at home utilising 21st century digital imaging technology.

In true outback style, where there is a need to be self sufficient, Jim will shoot a range of events and subjects, including country weddings and commercial herds of alpacas, while the following week he may be shooting the impact of droughts and floods on remote communities.  The images he presents can be an insightful social commentary of what others, at the time, may only see as “common and everyday”.

Jim’s greatest pleasure in his photography world is “hitting the road” and delivering workshops from the suburbs to the outback, to a range of audiences, from the keen camera enthusiasts through to young children and student photographers.

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