Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

About the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

For over 30 years the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (DMNPP) has encouraged both excellence and creativity in contemporary Australian portraiture by asking artists to interpret the look and personality of a chosen sitter, either unknown or well known. 

Founded by Doug & Greta Moran and family in 1988, the DMNPP is an annual Australian portrait prize supporting Australian artists and the wider arts community by holding the free annual Moran Prizes exhibition at Juniper Hall Paddington, displaying the top 30 works selected by nominated judges each year. 

Currently with an annual first prize of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000), the Prize is an important part of Australia's Arts calendar. The Prize is acquisitive and the winning portrait immediately becomes the property of the Moran Arts Foundation, to be exhibited permanently as part of the Moran Arts Foundation Collection. 

2019 Dates: 

  • Entries open - 4 July
  • Entries close - 2 Sep
  • Semi-finalists announced - 11 Sep
  • Finalists announced - 16 Oct
  • Winner announced - 30 Oct

Prize Money

Winner: $150,000
All Finalists: $1,000 

2019 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Judges

Nigel Milsom

Kelly Gellatly

Peter Moran

Historic List of DMNPP and MCPP judges

2019 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize FAQ's

How much does each entry cost?
There is an entry fee of $100 for each work submitted (there has been a fee increase this year, for the first time in seven years).

Is there a maximum number of entries?
No. You may enter as many times as you like. Each entry form accepts five artworks, therefore if you have more than five, you are required to fill out another entry form.

Is the maximum painting size flexible?
The conditions of entry specify that a painting must be a maximum of 2 metres/78 inches (w) x 3 metres/118.11 inches (h).  This size has been set to fit our exhibition space come the announcement of winner and finalists.   The width and height dimensions are the absolute maximum we can accommodate.

What does “Recognisable Likeness" of the subject mean?
The portrait must have some resemblance to the person sitting for the artist, this does not mean the work has to be a realistic representation. See our portrait gallery for examples of previous winners and finalists that best represent “recognisable likeness”.

I am an Australian artist currently living overseas. Do I have to be living in Australia in-order to be eligible to enter the competition?
No. You need to be an Australian citizen or resident for the 12 months preceding the entries close date and so does your sitter.

What is the maximum word count for the artist statement?
We prefer 50 – 80 words, with a maximum of 100 words.

Can I do a self-portrait?

Do drawings on paper, namely charcoals and pastels on paper fit the criteria for entry?
If the work is charcoals and/or pastels on paper, it will fit the criteria. If the work comprises a painting element then it does fit the criteria also.

My confirmation email says Artwork 0. Does this mean my entry didn’t go through?
No, it’s just the website’s configuration starting at 0 rather than 1.

The image of my works doesn’t show when I click on my entry on the confirmation email. What does this mean?
It probably means you’ve used a symbol or punctuation mark in the naming of the image of your work. They aren’t compatible with our system. If you can’t see your image, please forward your confirmation email to and ask to confirm that it has been successfully uploaded.

Do I need written permission from the sitter to enter the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize?
From our point of view, no, but it is best practice to have consent in writing from the sitter stating that they know they are sitting for entry into the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize and all that it entails.

Can my portrait be of a person who has passed away?
The sitter must have been known to the artist and must have been aware of the artist’s intention to enter their portrait in the Prize 

Can I enter a work that has already been entered into another competition?
You may, but if it was hung in a previous exhibition it won’t be looked upon as favourably as it will not be ‘new’. We are ultimately putting together an exhibition at Juniper Hall of the thirty finalists. The public may not come to see an exhibition of works they’ve already seen.

Can I enter a work with more than one panel?
Yes, as long as it doesn’t exceed to maximum size limit of 2m (w) x 3m (h). 

Previous Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Winners and Finalists

Full List of DMNPP & MCPP Winners

2019 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Terms and Conditions

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